Mobile Marketing: What It Is and Its Advantages

Mobile marketing has become one of the best strategies for advertising a Brand or company.

Nowadays, every company talks about mobile marketing and how to adapt it to their business concept. This tool has become an important topic for every digital marketing agency, but in reality, many people don’t actually know what it’s about and the benefits of opting for this tool.

Mobile marking is, broadly put, a new system of advertising services based on a set of techniques to promote products or brands through mobile devices, a variant or branch of traditional marketing. Why is it important?

  • 9 of each 10 users of internet connect on a mobile
  • 1 person is using thier mobile on average 1.8 hours
  • The users don’t recommend companies that don’t have mobile adapted websites

Once you have considered what this concept means, it’s time to talk about the reasons why it’s worthwhile to use mobile marketing:

  1. It requires little investment: because the impact is more efficient since the market is easier to segment
  2. Easily measurable: as with any digital tool, it is easier to measure all of its variables and hence be able to implement improvements for the next campaigns
  3. Better segmentation: thanks to digital marketing tools, it is easier to reach the objective market by defining
  4. Direct: If the data base of the client is well-segmented, it is possible to personalize each one of the messages
  5. Immediacy: Because everyone always has their cellular in their hands, communication is quicker and more direct
  6. Geolocation: Thanks to this tool we are able to get the most from campaigns due to being able to better know the places where our demographics interact
  7. Increased interactivity: it’s much easier and efficient to receive feedback, because the communication is one-on-one

At Mijo! Brands we can help to support you to create and/or better your mobile marketing campaigns, from the conception of the digital strategy and the restructuring of your website making it functional for mobiles, so that you are always present on the minds of your target users.

Ángel Estrada is Senior Developer at Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at www.mijobrands.com or contact us.