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Founded in 2008, Mijo! Brands is a boutique creative agency specializing in strategic communications with extensive experience in the digital advertising environment. With offices in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta, Mijo! Brands is a member of Cluster, an industry leader comprised of five independent agencies spanning 7 countries.

Mijo! Brands has wide-ranging experience in creating and promoting brands through our multidisciplinary team which is proficient in market research, corporate design, brand activation, digital advertising and strategy, and cultural and large-scale events, public relations, e-commerce , content creation, publishing (traditional media and digital magazines) and app development.

Our team has collaborated on the creation and promotion of more than 100 brands and 200 campaigns in various sectors including luxury goods and services, tourism, real estate, retail, financial services, food, entertainment, personal products and the LGBT segment.

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Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

Expanding the digital presence of one of the most emblematic hotels in the capital was the goal of Mijo! Brands in collaboration with the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México.

In a record time of 6 weeks, websites were developed for the 4 member hotels of the AHC, as well as the social campaign focused on directing traffic to the booking engine. In the first 6 months of the campaign, social traffic increased by 350%, while total site traffic increased by 15%.

Social traffic increased 350% in the first 6 months.

The Instagram community organically grew 5 times larger in the first year. 



We are an agency with big ambitions: Passionate, creative, practical, adaptable, and unafraid of challenges… And we’ve been known to rewrite the rules on occasion.

Brand and Digital Strategy

The Mijo! Brands team’s strategic thinking, alongside it’s technological expertise helped keep the Puerto Vallarta brand at the forefront of the fiercely competitive tourism sector from 2010 to 2013”. Salvador Peña, www.visitpuertovallarta.com.

Daniel and Dany will help you with your brand strategy needs.

Brand strategy defines you

A solid concept, whether for a new brand launch, campaign or digital strategy, is fundamental for any successful brand communication strategy. Do your homework, own the brand and watch everything else fall into place.

Creative Design

There are many design agencies out there to create digital brands, but Mijo! Brands talented designers tastefully blend your branding with the latest technology to create useful marketing tools that work. Mijo! Brands are innovative and creative in everything they do.” –Carl Timothy, www.timothyrealestategroup.com.

Belinda and Sandra will help you with your design and corporate identity needs.

Design is science and art

In our constantly and quickly evolving world, great design is as much a science as an art and born of a humble and creative genius, a creative spirit, steady hand and an exacting attention to detail. 

Digital and Web

"We have worked daily alongside the developers of Mijo! Brands for over four years on various projects. They are responsive, professional and knowledgeable in today's web applications. Our growth over the years both in customer experience as well as backend functionality has been greatly due to the efforts of this great team." –Michael Hammond, www.GoldSilver.com & www.OroPlata.com.

Ángel, Erik, Luis and Ramón will help you exploit the exponential power behind the web and digital applications field.

Winning web strategies

A website without a strategy is like a car without a driver and a roadmap, pretty as it might be, it's likely to leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable while getting you nowhere fast.

Campaigns and Channels

“The innovative Mijo! Brands team combines traditional marketing techniques with the latest in social communications. They have helped us to continually produce strategic marketing solutions that really work.” –Rob Stephenson, www.mavenpartners.co.uk.

Jorge, Marie and Sylvia will help you with your campaign and content strategy needs.

Capture the imagination

Context, form, function, or design? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a word, slogan or campaign concept that captivates and captures the public's imagination is nothing less than priceless. 


“Mijo! Brands is quick and responsive. The social media strategy and content they have developed for our online campaigns is fresh and interesting. It’s uncanny how well they ‘got us’ from the get go.” –Jim Lee, www.jimleeevents.com.

Alexis, Guillermo and Víctor will help you with your social media needs.

Engage your audience 

The difference between talking at your audience and engaging it can make the difference between your brand's mere survival and dizzying adoration. Seduce your audience by creating a coherent and authentic narrative.


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