Brand Strategy

In the digital age, the definition of a brand has been altered. The only thing that remains constant is that a brand is much more than a logo. A brand embodies the philosophy of your company, guides it, and represents the vision of their future. We will work with you to create a strategy that identifies the narrative ​​of your brand and to identify and exploit new opportunities for your business.

Mijo! Brands has managed brand research projects of all sizes. We will identify the true perceptions and associations that consumers make of your brand using methodology that goes far beyond the mainstream. We deliver more than just a report: Mijo! Brands provides immediate solutions and strategies for the continuation and growth of your company and plots your success for the long-term.

Brand Strategy

We will identify and articulate the values of ​​your organization to create staff unity, guide communications and differentiate your brand from competitors. In a competitive marketplace, the culture within your organization and your brand strategy can be the competitive advantage that sets your company ahead of the rest.

Portfolio Management

Your brand portfolios serves to distinguish your offer and give clarity to your customers. A properly engineered strategy revitalizes and maximizes your investment. We will work together with you to analyze your brand portfolio (either services or products), identifying opportunities to enter new markets or engage new customers while ensuring that time and resources are being used to create the most return for your business.

Brand Audit

When brands are launched is difficult to keep focused goals. Brand audits get you back on track by identifying how well a brand is being developed. Brand audits begin with a simple review of how well your brand is communicated internally and externally and move on to a more comprehensive analysis across all communication channels. A brand audit will provide new perspectives and foundations to make any changes in the direction of your brand strategy.

Positioning and Narrative

While a strategy focuses on the long-term positioning of your brand, the narrative is first step to achieving your brand vision. The positioning statements will guide the development of both brand communications and campaigns and will serve to put your staff, partners and consumers on the same page.