To develop a strong advertising campaign you must investigate and understand consumer preferences, both current and potential, and implement an action plan to achieve them for your brand.

We will promote your products or services and investigate potential new markets for your brand to explore as well as establishing new objectives for the next phase of your business growth.


Knowing how, when and where to introduce your brand will help you establish and legitimize your brand recognition quickly. Mijo! Brands will develop promotions and advertising strategies that consider a number of internal and external factors, including the competitive landscape, consumer demographics, market trends, media planning and budget for the campaign.

Public Relations

Will coordinate strategic communication activities to strengthen ties with different audiences to spread your brand message and create consumer loyalty and support.

Social Media

Social media allows you to create meaningful interactions with your target audiences, learn about their perception of your brand, identify new opportunities and build brand loyalty. In order to succeed, social media strategy requires the support of a robust brand strategy with clear and consistent key messages to attract and engage your customers in the social media arena. Our services include social network and media marketing, blogs and press, bookmarks and directories and metrics and ROI.

Public Speaking

Daniel Gómez has spoken at conferences in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Mexico. On September 23rd, 2011, he spoke at Súbete al Tren (Get on Board Campaign), a social media event organized by Puerto Vallarta Conventions and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and Puerto Vallarta Business Association (CANACO) and Mijo! Brands. In past events, Daniel Gómez has spoken on the power of branding, social media and branding, destination branding, tourism and hospitality, and on identity politics and equality theory.