Brand Design

While brand strategy defines your behavior, brand design is the visual and written characteristics you project to your customers.

Naming a brand is a hybrid between art and science. Some brands need support and time to achieve the desired positioning in the market and for some the success is instantaneous. Our international experience will help you identify and overcome cultural and language barriers during the naming process, exploiting the areas of greatest opportunity for your brand.

Written Identity

Consumers increasingly opt for brands that reflect their aspirations and meet their needs on a variety of levels. In a world tuned-in to social networks and the internet (where the content is the key), the tone of a brand strategy communicates key messages that resonate with the target audience online and reinforce brand objectives.

Corporate Identity/Visual (ID)

The elements of brand design, including logo, visual graphic style and multimedia tools, not only symbolize what the brand offers but also its history and vision. If the logo represents the promise and quality of a brand, the other elements give your brand personality, depth and essence. A solid brand strategy ensures that the style of the images, the colors and all the elements used in advertising clearly work together to tell your story to the world.

Brand Directives

Brand guidelines and directives help ensure that everyone involved in the brand understands the long-term goals. These techniques and visual guidelines provide direction, structure and information to ensure consistency in how the brand is presented or new campaigns are launched.