Tropicasa Realty

Tropicasa Realty’s Vision of Sustainability

As one of the major real estate agencies in Puerto Vallarta, Tropicasa Realty has witnessed many changes that have shaped the city and Banderas Bay region. Today, to stay relevant in the highly competitive real estate sector, it is essential for all agencies to keep their brand on the pulse of the consumer and this led to Tropicasa Realty to begin working closely in 2013 with Mijo! Brands to evolve their brand and position Tropicasa as a sustainable real estate agency.

What Was The Challenge?

Tropicasa Realty is one of the top ten real estate agencies in Vallarta • Nayarit and Mijo! Brands accepted the challenge to authentically position it in a way that would set it apart from competitors and attract clients with a new focus on a sustainable philosophy.

To do so, Mijo! Brands conducted extensive research to identify global trends in sustainability resulting in Tropicasa Realty's commitment to operate within a model of innovative and sustainable business practice to benefit clients, team and the community.

Mijo! Brands

The Project

The digital strategy involved a redesign of the website and an aggressive SEO strategy on the major search engines to position 6 search terms, including "Puerto Vallarta Real Estate" (the most competitive term in the industry).

In just seven months after implementing the SEO strategy, results included:
• Increased the visits through organic searches by 61%.
• Reduced Bounce Rate to 29% overall.
• Increased engagement, increasing the average visit time to 8 minutes.

Finally, in collaboration with RDN Atelier, the new brand was physically implemented through the complete renovation of the Tropicasa Realty offices, which included the use of natural recycled elements throughout the office space to align it properly to the new brand strategy.


Having effectively differentiated Tropicasa Realty from its competition with a sustainable philosophy has not only significantly increased its competitive edge among real estate agencies locally, but reaffirmed its leadership in the industry as a whole.

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Our talents applied:

Brand strategy, brand audit, positioning and narrative, redesign of corporate identity, graphic design, SEO positioning, design consultancy and web development, social media consulting, media plan, POP material and design of commercial spaces.


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