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The technological revolution that has unfolded over the past decades has made many of the appliances that once were marvels now obsolete and replaced by new generations of equipment.

According to several national studies focused on new technologies, desktop computers have become the favorite of older adult users, tablets and laptops are the choice of young entrepreneurs and smartphones are the preferred device of youth, who are eager to stay in constant communication.


The same thing happens in the world of web technology - the arrival of these new devices has created the need to evolve, making way for responsive websites that are appropriately optimized for the format that is displayed on each device’s screen.

Now companies and brands face a dilemma because not only do they require a well-designed website (on which they may have already invested heavily), it is now essential to have a website that is properly displayed on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Timothy Real Estate Group


Timothy Real Estate Group, the leading real estate agency in Banderas Bay, has been working with Mijo! Brands for 4 years, first to create its brand and then to help position them as the number one real estate office in the region. The latest project between Timothy Real Estate Group and Mijo! Brands has been to redesign their responsive website, a project which included:

• The development of an interactive map divided by areas functioning as a search filter to display the properties highlighted in each region. Another double search filter can be seen below the main slider: The first to find properties within the same web site (by name, type, price, area and number of rooms) and the second to finding external properties through MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

• Thinking about the needs of realtors, the Custom Properties Management System allows users to properly categorize amenities and other data according to the type of property (lot, house, condo, commercial development and offices). Accordingly, on each agent profile, 3 properties appear randomly.

• A mode allowing users to save their favorite properties for later visits was also developed, generating statistics boon for the internal records of Timothy Real Estate Group. Also, a downloadable PDF is available for each property.

Thus, Timothy Real Estate Group can monitor trends and usage statistics of visitors to the new site to become a more responsive agency to the needs and tastes of their potential customers.

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After working on the project for more than 50 days with our team of strategists, graphic designers, interface designers and web programmers, Mijo! Brands highlighted our skills in Analysis, Strategy and Web Development, Graphic Design and implementation of WordPress.


This new technological age is not a fad, in contrast, is a constant evolution that allows us to enhance our relationships with our clients and professional contacts. Although there are costs in adapting to these new forms of communication, it is necessary to avoid being left behind in forgotten technology. Investment in new technology is what divides the leaders from the obsolete.