Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill

Since its launch in February 2013, Almar Resort has been actively up ping its local profile thanks in part to its in house agency Mijo! Brands. Mijo! promotes community participation as a must that creates a win-win for both brands and the communities they serve.

Almar Resort appears to have bought into Mijo’s philosophy by signing up its new beach club to 3 massive community cultural events including the second annual Vallarta Pride 2014 held over the Memorial Weekend in May.

While Mijo! Brands was brought on board after the Almar Brand had been created, it has since taken the lead role in developing its digital and brand activation strategy.

Mijo! Brands resorts to name calling to create Mantamar:

Mijo! Brands was invited to pitch against 2 other agencies to develop a brand name and brand design concept for the high end beach club that will operate as a separate but integral part of the Almar Resort offer. Mantamar will offer beach club service for the public and members during the day with plenty of non-motorized water activities. The lunch and dinner service in the slick but relaxed palapa-covered dining room, comes complete with pool-bar and DJs promised at nights during peak season.

Mantamar Beach Club Bar and Grill

Our experience:

“We don’t often pitch for projects, as its resource heavy and requires relying on assumptions and guesses in order to develop the creative brief. But restaurants and beach clubs of Mantamar’s stature are rare. It’s an amazingly ambitious project with high, if calculated, risks, so of course we wanted to be involved from the outset to develop the concept and implement the brand,” explained Mijo! Brands partner, Daniel Gómez.

The pitch process lasted several weeks and saw Mijo! Brands present a total of 4 brand name and design concepts, from a total of over 200 contending names the creative team identified during 5 intense brainstorming.

Jorge Chávez, head of campaigns and content at Mijo! Brands explained, “The quality or meaning behind a name and its subsequent design are so totally subjective, that it can make the pitch process a risky and frustrating experience. It’s probably the most difficult and least scientific of any of the services we provide. So we mitigate the risk by creating a solid narrative around the strongest names on the short list when we present to the client. We ensure each potential name is perceived as both new and original yet familiar to the client. The art-as-science strategy works. The top 2 names were debated for at least a week before Mantamar won out.”

Once the brand and naming strategy were in place, the designers stepped in to create the design concepts. “The design aspect of the project is immense and a little intimidating,” confessed Mijo’s creative head Juan Carlos Palma, “but then, it wouldn’t be such a fantastic project if it weren’t.”

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Our talents applied:

The project will see Mijo! Brands develop the brand design, its online and offline communication strategy, a responsive website (to be launched mid January) and an array of merchandising and related material.