Cluster Global Communication was launched to achieve local, regional, national and international media reach with diverse, precise and carefully managed digital marketing services.

As members of this cluster, we have offices and representatives in Madrid, San Antonio, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Leon, Tijuana, Morelia, Puerto Vallarta, Quito and Bogota.

Cluster Global Communication selects, coordinates and directs a team of professionals in creating and implementing advertising and communication campaigns which promote brands, helping companies grow and connect with their customers.

Xinka Systems is a framework that has been developed by Mijo! Brands. It was launched to improve the performance, functionality and optimization of web projects.

Xinka was launched in response to market demand to have online applications that are robust and scalable, allowing for growth based on the need of the company that uses it. Xinka works under the SaaS model, which allows its use with minimal initial investment through a monthly retainer.

Xinka offers quick solutions that meet Web 3.0 standards. It develops online projects leveraging constant innovations and features that make it easy for companies to develop closer relationships with their customers.