Why Content is An Important Part of Your Digital Marketing

Content is an important part of every marketing strategy

Product does matter

The quality of product or service we sell is a stronger influence than any campaign in the positioning of a brand. Because at the time of purchase, the customer is not right, the consumeris.

How does the Facebook algorithm work?)

Facebook knows what you like the most.

Mobile Marketing-The Future has Arrived

Marketing has had to evolve in a unique way to adapt to mobile devices.

How to Create an Effective Landing Page and Not Die Trying

Tips for generating an efficient landing page.

The World Business Forum in Mexico

Last October, Mexico hosted another edition of the World Business Forum

Get the Most from your Post: When to Post to Social Media

Mijo! Brands has a handy guide to the best posting times for your brand’s social media accounts.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Social Networks Are Boring

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Live Streaming Video: The Latest Trend on Social Media

Mijo! Brands has some recommendations to help you capitalize on the trend that’s blowing up with applications like Periscope and Facebook Live.

Instagram Targets the Video Market

Instagram has just added the ability for users to upload 60 second videos to the platform.