Graphic Designers Should Learn From Pedagogy 

Graphic design can benefit from cognitive ergonomics

The Art of Design

The need to revalue graphic design in a hyper-connected society

A Designer’s Attitude

Conception vs. Common practice

Everything Communicates

Form, identity and brand care

Photography in Graphic Design

The importance of photography in graphic desing and brand communication.

Technology is Getting Closer to the Skin

Now your skin can also be part of the technological advances

With the egg or the hen-where should website development start?

With the information architecture we can define what elements require integration to a web project, more than just the appearance and functionality that they may take in the future.

Clients vs designers

Tips for a better design develop

Facing the fear of an empty canvas

Memorable and impactful ideas do not appear magically, they are the result of finding inspiration and then hours of work. So when it happens, how can we overcome a creative block?

How to Apply the Design Thinking to Your Business

“Design Thinking” is a huge buzzword in business methodology right now as a way to find innovative client solutions.