Brand comunication

Language and Integrity

The importance of honoring words when we dedicate ourselves to communication

Surviving Deadlines

How to create quality content and escape writer’s block

How to Make a Connection as a Content Writer

Tips to connect with different readers from a commercial perspective

Treading New Grounds With Innovation

Mijo! Brands consolidates its presence in Guadalajara.

A Community Manager: Your Clients’ Best Friend

Become a part of their lives and make your digital presence count.

A Designer’s Attitude

Conception vs. Common practice

If Facebook Won the U.S. Election, What Could it Do For You?

The importance of segmentation in finding your perfect audience

Everything Communicates

Form, identity and brand care

Not Exchanging Gold for Trinkets

The challenge of professional advertising language

A Community Manager’s Job

Profesionalism makes the difference managing Social Media