Lifestyle Magazine 105°W Launches in Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands is pleased to announce the launch of 105°W, a digital magazine now available for download on the Apple Store.

Digital Marketing in 2016

Mijo! Brands lets you in on three key digital marketing trends for 2016 that you need to incorporate into your brand marketing strategy.

Mijo! Brands Reveals Gran Hotel Ciudad de México New Strategy

Mijo! Brands launches the new responsive site of the legendary Gran Hotel Ciudad de México and the other three hotels belonging to the group.

The 3 Most Moving Christmas Advertising Videos

In this holiday season, Mijo! Brands presents 3 most emotional video advertising Christmas.

Mijo! Brands Wishes You Happy Holidays

Mijo! Brands reminds you that the best communication for Christmas and the coming New Year 2016 is among family.

The Most Creative Advertising Campaigns for Christmas

Essentially, the holiday season is one of the best for advertising campaigns and no company wants to stay behind.

Marketing Techniques to Win and Retain Customers

Mijo! Brands shares some more marketing techniques to win and retain customers in a competitive world.

Breaking Boundaries with Boys and Barbie?

Was featuring a boy in a Barbie ad as groundbreaking as it seemed?

Why You Should be Cross Channel Marketing

Cross channel marketing allows customers to interact with your brand using their preferred medium and helps you garner more attention.

Google Inspires with CODEGIRL

Google and YouTube are inspiring girls to enter tech fields with the new film, CODEGIRL.