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Should You Be Adding a Mobile App into Your Marketing Plan?

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Facing the fear of an empty canvas

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From the E3 to Mexico: Insert Coin

Mexico reached more than $20 000 billion pesos in sales. But its not all sales and users, what about game development in Mexico? What is the state of the video game industry in our country?

Cryptocurrency: Is Digital Currency the Payment Method of the Future?

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Content is Still King

As in every monarchy, like it or not, content is still king.

VRing Virtual Reality to your Business

Thanks to the integration of new hardware, VR has opened the world to various new areas and with it new opportunities of integration in the working world.

Music and Design: A Marriage of Two Arts

Sensory branding can stimulate the senses and generate reactions in users to open a new channel of communication and encourage the use of our product or service.

What Is Transmedia for Your Brand and why do You Want It?

Mijo! Brands explains why your brand should be consider Transmedia