CES 2017 The New Technology of the Year

Discover what awaits us this year in the world of technology.

With the egg or the hen-where should website development start?

With the information architecture we can define what elements require integration to a web project, more than just the appearance and functionality that they may take in the future.

Clients vs designers

Tips for a better design develop

The New Nintendo (How to Keep Yourself Afloat on Open Water)

The video game company has taken a step forward to reach younger audiences

How to Create an Effective Landing Page and Not Die Trying

Tips for generating an efficient landing page.

Trump and the paradigm shift in communication

How an effective communication strategy can take you to the Oval Office

The World Business Forum in Mexico

Last October, Mexico hosted another edition of the World Business Forum

Graphic mark as a branding element

The elaboration of a graphic mark is an important subject to consider.

E-Books vs. Printed Books

Pros and cons of reading a printed book or an e-book.

Get the Most from your Post: When to Post to Social Media

Mijo! Brands has a handy guide to the best posting times for your brand’s social media accounts.