Is Google Judging You?

Google continues to make profound changes to its algorithm. See our predictions for keeping your website relevant.

Consejo CEA in Puerto Vallarta

Mijo! Brands participated for the second year in this great event with a talk entitled "The Challenges and Benefits of the Digital Age".

Why should you give the human touch to a brand?

Mijo! Brands presents a series of steps to help humanize your brand and offer excellent service to customers.

Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications

The workshop "Civil organizations and the Challenge of Communications" will be the first course in a new series of intensive workshops to be taught by Mijo! Brands.

The Problem of Corporate Social Responsibility

Is corporate social responsibility on the rise or in decline? Mijo! Brands explains why it has become an unsustainable trend.

What do moms do on the Internet?

What do moms do online? Mijo! Brands presents several studies that reveal what their preferences, online activities and hobbies are on the Internet.

The importance of content optimization

Content optimization means transforming the keywords in a living text that helps position your website in search engines.

13 Things You Did not Know About Google

Mijo! Brands presents 13 things you may not have known about Google.

Advertising numbers for the future

How much investments in mobile digital advertising be for 2016, 2018 and 2019? Mijo! Brands will explain.

The pillars of SEO

How to know what are the main pillars of SEO even when Google is constantly changing its search algorithm?