The importance of content optimization

Content optimization means transforming the keywords in a living text that helps position your website in search engines.

13 Things You Did not Know About Google

Mijo! Brands presents 13 things you may not have known about Google.

Advertising numbers for the future

How much investments in mobile digital advertising be for 2016, 2018 and 2019? Mijo! Brands will explain.

The pillars of SEO

How to know what are the main pillars of SEO even when Google is constantly changing its search algorithm?

Mobilegeddon: Changes in the algorithm of Google

The “mobile-friendly” algorithm update for Google has created a major change in the way they run their website optimization strategies.

Google develops YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an app that allows children to find material more easily and safely.

The higher paying jobs for women in Mexico

What are the best paid jobs in Mexico for women? This analysis reveals the best paid positions.

5 programming languages you have to learn in 2015

To stay ahead in this changing world, Mijo! Brands presents five programming languages that you must learn in 2015.

The value of ideas

Rather than respond to the question “what is the value of ideas?”, it would be best to analyze what you and your team can contribute to solve problems.

Is it worth it to change your domain name?

Although changing your company’s brand name is not recommendable, you can follow some of these guidelines if changing your company brand fits the bill.