From Tron and Community Managers

The challenges that every Community Manager has to face

If there is just one phrase that is worth salvaging from Tron: Legacy (that great movie that touched so many of us 7 years ago), it is:


In an effort to adapt to the processes of our clients and to surpass the ridiculously successful KPIs of our competition, sometimes Community Managers forget that we exist thanks to users.

Not because users justify our work with the statistics of interactions, but because our purpose is to show them, in the most effective way, the benefits and characteristics of our brand. That is, to be an extended arm that will facilitate their familiarization with the service or product we offer. As Tron would say: we fight for the users.

How many of us are truly willing to fight with all the barriers that come before us (editorial restrictions, false sales promises, etc.) to offer the community what we would like to receive when we are interested in a service like the one we represent?

It is necessary to shake the label of “millennials who learned to use Facebook” to be recognized as a blend of publicists and sociologists that manipulate a social media community to the benefit of the users and the growth of the brand we represent. It is also important, in our industry in general, to clearly set our goals for business social media - they are not always “sell” or “have more followers”.

Andrea Herrera is Digital Strategist at Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at www.mijobrands.com or contact us.