Caras de Mexico Exhibition

In 2012, during the first phase of Caras de Mexico, 16 Mexicans of various backgrounds (indigenous, mestizos, expatriates and foreign-born Mexicans) were invited to publish their thoughts on Mexico in the face of the political transition between PAN and PRI in Vallarta Opina, the largest newspaper in our region.

Caras de Mexico then hit the streets of Puerto Vallarta and journeyed briefly to Guadalajara to document photo and video responses to the question "What is Mexico?"

Finally came the “Caras de Mexico Exhibition" in the Main Courtyard of Puerto Vallarta City Hall. From September 15 to 22, various photographs that reflected current events in Mexico were exhibited. Special mention is deserved by City of Puerto Vallarta and the Arts and Culture Board, which allowed access to the exhibition space.

During that week, university students and young students from the Ameyali School visited the Los Mangos Library to create a “Caras de Mexico” mural with the help of Mara Diaz, a promising local artist.

The ultimate event was Caras de Mexico Time Capsule ceremony on the grounds of Los Mangos Library, where photographs, drawings, articles and videos were deposited in a capsule and buried on the main grounds of the library, not to be touched for 25 years. In a quarter century, the time capsule will be unearthed to see what changes have occurred in Mexican society.

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