About Mijo! Brands

Mijo! Brands is a communications and brand development agency offering a wide range of experience and strategic online and offline marketing services.

We are passionate about not only building lasting relationships with our clients, but with their brands and consumers.

Brand strategy defines you

A solid concept, whether for a new brand launch, campaign or digital strategy, is fundamental for any successful brand communication strategy. Do your homework, own the brand and watch everything else fall into place.

Daniel Gómez - Partner/Mexico City Director. Daniel splits his time between crafting brand strategies and seeking out exciting new-business opportunities. Daniel received his MBA from South Bank University in London in 2007, England where he specialized in knowledge management and innovation. Daniel has led brand and communication projects globally a brand strategist various sectors including retail and consumer brands, luxury goods, professional services, telecommunications, finance and travel/leisure. Daniel divides his free time between his other passions, cooking, running and travel.

Daniela Bustos – Digital Strategist. Dany’s passion for psychology backed up with a degree in Advertising, has made her an expert in understanding consumers. She has over 10 years of experience in the advertising industry and has managed various campaigns, brands and companies with outstanding results through a very detailed observation consumer behaviors. 

Design is science and art

In our constantly and quickly evolving world, great design is as much a science as an art and born of a humble and creative genius, a creative spirit, steady hand and an exacting attention to detail. 

Belinda Estrada – Senior Graphic Designer. Belinda holds a Bachelor degree with honors from the Graphic Communication program at Centro Universitario de la Costa de la Universidad de Guadalajara and has completed seminars in color and brand management. Belinda relaxes by getting in some family time.

Sandra Rentería – Junior Graphic Designer. Originally from Mexico City, Sandra has a degree in Graphic Design from UNITEC and completed a full marketing seminar. She arrived in Puerto Vallarta with a passion for editorial design and photography and when she isn’t reading up on the latest in graphic design trends, she chills out watching independent films, readying or studying languages.

Other collaborators

Ana Medina. When you need an experienced and dynamic creative touch, Ana is the ideal person for creating innovative brand identities.

Fátima Mora. An artist who mastered the arts with intuition and discipline. Her passion for aesthetics and her outstanding creativity inspires a diversity of ideas.

Guillermo Romero. When using artwork to express the concept of identity, Guillermo and his brushes highlight brand attributes from an inspiring perspective.

Ramiro Canoniero. Photography is an incredibly powerful method for conveying a message and Ramiro understands the intricacies of the medium to maximize brand impact.

Winning web strategies

A website without a strategy is like a car without a driver and a roadmap, pretty as it might be, it's likely to leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable while getting you nowhere fast.

Erik Torres Castillón – Frontend Developer. Erik is about to graduate from the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Vallarta Computer Systems Engineering program. His passion for new technologies inspired him to specialize in mobile application development and to participate in the planning, organization and implementation of the 7th World Economic Forum. In his spare time you can find him online, playing MMORPGs and jamming out to rock music.

Luis Enrique Tierrafría Rodríguez – Backend Developer. Originally from Irapuato, Guanajuato, Luis came to Puerto Vallarta to graduate from the Computer Engineering program at Centro Universitario de la Costa. His talent for web programming led him to focus on interface development and functional and scalable code. When not in front of the monitor, he spends his free time reading thriller and horror novels and staying fit with swimming, powerlifting and Muay Thai.

Miguel Angel Estrada Rojas – Frontend Developer. Angel graduated from the Multimedia Communication Engineering program at the Centro Universitario de la Costa and has been focusing his knowledge and attention to detail on designing and developing successful websites. At Mijo! Brands he has targeted his critical thinking to the planning and development of web interfaces, user experience and web strategy. When not staying on top of the latest trends in information technology, you'll find him spending quality time with his growing family.

Ramón López – Web Strategy Director. Ramón studied Multimedia Communication Engineering at the Centro Universitario de la Costa. Although he started professional as a graphic designer he was soon focusing his strong analytical skills towards developing interfaces, usability, SEO and web strategies. As a founding member of Mijo! Brands, he has been responsible for driving the growth of the area of Technology and Digital Strategies. His future goal is to promote social change in Mexico through education. And when he turns off the computer, he's ready to fight crime, monsters and evil-doers in the company of his superhero children.

Other collaborators

Carlos Jiménez. Carlos has a knack for creating efficient, effective and satisfying interfaces and applies that talent to building fantastic user experiences.

Capture the imagination

Context, form, function, or design? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a word, slogan or campaign concept that captivates and captures the public's imagination is nothing less than priceless. 

Jorge Chávez – Content Editor & Campaigns. Seduced by the power of language, Jorge decided to study Multimedia Communications Engineering at the Centro Universitario de la Costa. Over time he began to apply his communication skills to scriptwriting for online television programs, radio program production and writing articles for various print media. His passion for words has led him to participate in literary, spelling and creative writing competitions at the national level. At Mijo! Brands, he brings his expertise in developing content strategies and advertising campaigns. At night, he explores different worlds and cultures through reading.



Marie Nelson. Originally from a small town in Jalisco, Marie grew up in California. She wrote for the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe until she moved to Puerto Vallarta for five years in 2004. Back in Paradise, California, she is now a freelance writer, in fiction and nonfiction, and writes news and blogs for Mijo! Brands. An aspiring pilot, she still spends winters in Puerto Vallarta.

Sylvia McNamee. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Victoria and an Associate’s Degree in Media Communications from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Sylvia permanently relocated to Mexico in 2007. Bringing 9 years of experience in public relations working with large retailers and resort groups in both Canada and Mexico. She also once scored 402 points on a single word in Scrabble.

Engage your audience 

The difference between talking at your audience and engaging it can make the difference between your brand's mere survival and dizzying adoration. Seduce your audience by creating a coherent and authentic narrative.

Alexis Velasco – Community Manager. Originally from Puerto Vallarta and with a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidad LAMAR, Alexis began his career specializing in digital marketing for performing arts and literature in Guadalajara and was a part of the public relations team for the city’s Film Festival and Book Fair. When he’s not dreaming up creative and engaging social media content for clients, you’ll find Alexis snapping photographs around the city, sipping on a green tea.

Guillermo Lamphar – Community Manager. A graduate of the Multimedia Communications Engineering program at the Centro Universitario de la Costa, Guillermo has guided his career toward generating creative content to implement through various social platforms. He has taken storytelling courses taught by Kaxan Media Group and creative writing classes from noted author Élmer Mendoza. At Mijo! Brands he strengthens the online presence of clients on social networks through innovative communication strategies. Has a strong cultural commitment and always enjoys a good book.



 Víctor Ramos – Community Manager. To direct his strong analytical skills, Victor decided to study Financial Engineering at ITESO Guadalajara which gives his internet marketing expertise a unique perspective. This merger of skills has allowed him to provide a mathematical and statistical approach to improving the optimization of social networks and websites he manages. In his free time he loves playing basketball or checking out the latest news on SEO trends.


Are you interested in overcoming challenges to excel in everything you do? We are always looking for new talent in various disciplines. But think twice before sending your resume! We want to know the details of why you’re the perfect person to be part of the Mijo! Brands team.

Contact us to know more about the great opportunities you'll find with us: empleo@mijobrands.com

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Social policy

At Mijo! Brands, we believe in environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Currently we are working with several non-profit organizations in Mexico who are revolutionary in their fields and offer our services on a voluntary basis to help them achieve their goals.